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Tonight Friday, April 5, 2013, we were on-site at the Lumpini where promoter Chun KIATPECH organized a memorable event in the mythical arena of Bangkok, stadium was full ! The featured fight pitted who was elected Boxer of the year 2012, the young SANGMANEE Sor Theanphoo, just 16 years old  that was facing tonight against PRAJUNCHAI Por.Petchnamthong in 116 lbs.

SANGMANEE first boxer in history to be named "Fighter of The Year" in both stadiums (Lumpini and Radjadamnoern) was welcomed as a star but just win by a small victory on points.



In other fights, it was particularly striking which that of DIESELLEK Aooddonmuang against PAKORN Sakyoothin, two nakmuays who have one thing in common : defying SEANCHAI outside Thailand, DIESELLEK in Milan, Italy, in January in the occasion of Yokkao Extrem and PAKORN in Scotland in Glasgow in November 2012.Both were inclined by points against the legend of muaythai.

This evening on April 5, 2013, two opponents have produced us in the stadium of the Lumpini, a festival, a truly incredible atmosphere gripped the mythical enclosure with each blow by the two opponents! In the end it is Diesellek supported by many fans who won points.

Another meeting has attracted our attention, this kind of duel with a physionomy you just can see in Thailand, it was the clash between PETCHTHAWEE Sor Kittichai and THANONGCHAI, a student of "The Deadly Kisser' SANGTIENNOI. A war where the blue corner, THANONGCHAI, did that undergo in the first times, open to the arcade and bleeding profusely.Followed in the fourth round a long and spectacular exchange of elbows elbows in clinch, from "to you to me", but none of the opponents has given up! A real war! And suddenly in the last round , big turnaround... THANONCHAI resumed confidence in the last minutes of the fight and inflicts a spectacular KO to his opponent PETCHTHAWEE, exit on the stretcher while he largely dominated since the beginning of the fight...

There were also in the division of 137 lbs, WANCHALUAM Aoodonmuang which fight THONGCHAI Sitthongak , the same which was itself  recently won before the limit in the 2nd round against Damien ALAMOS  French lumpinee champion . In this face to face, THONGCHAI, a very young promising, which interests including the largest Thai camps for a buyout, sinned by excess of confidence, very relaxes and with a wealth of Thrasher, takesa  TKO in the 3rd by WANCHALUAM, which was more lucid in this meeting. THONGCHAI on the ground, tent painfully stand up, but the referee stop the meeting.


All results: 


110 lbs : WORAWOOT M.You.Den vs MORRAGOD Komsaimai
Victory of WORAWOOT M.You.Den points


113 lbs:KOUSAKORNNOI Sitpetchchubon (S.Jousen) vs JOMHOD Zakami
Victory of JOHMOD Zakami by KO round 3


130 lbs : SUPERBANK Mor.Rattanabunthid vs RITTHIDETCH V.Wanthawee
Victory of SUPERBANK Mor.Rattanabunthid points


127 lbsPETCHTHAWEE Sor.Kittichai vs THANONCHAI Thor.Sangtiannoi
THANONCHAI Thor.Sangtiannoipar KO round 5 victory


137 lbs:WANCHALUAM Aooddonmuang vs THONGCHAI Sitthongsak
Victory of WANCHALUAM Aooddonmuang by KO round 3


139 lbs:PAKORN Sakyoothin vs DIESELEK Aooddonmuang
Victory of DIESELEK Aooddonmuang at the points


117 lbs:PHONKRIT Chor.Chuenkamon vs INSEAKHAO Rachanon
Victory of INSEAKHAO Rachanon points


116 lbs SANGMANEE Sor.Theanphoo vs PRAJUNCHAI Por.Petchnamthong
Victory of SANGMANEE Sor.Theanphoo points


110 lbs:PHUNPHAYAK Jitmuangnon vs YOTHION Sakaethongresort
Victory of Phanpayak Jitmuangnont by KO round 2


113 lbs:NONGDOOM Jayuthkongseab vs NERUNNIT Bosswickcaraudio
Victory of NERUNNIT Bosswickcaraudio at the points